Commentary on Proverbs

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Check out Bruce Waltke's two volume commentary on the Proverbs in the NICOT series. For a work of modern scholarship, it is refreshing to see his explicitly evangelical views come to the fore where so many others fall flat. He has some great introductory chapters on the Christological significance of the Proverbs, as well as some very good word studies on the various terms for wisdom, the simpleton, the seductress/foreign woman, etc. I don't have it yet myself, but I used the first volume extensively for a paper this semester, and the second on a sermon that I preached last spring. They're on my 'to buy' list - post seminary budget!
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George Lawson's commentary on Proverbs. Pretty big but exhaustive. Excellent for the student and teacher. I'm not sure if it's available nowadays though, it probably is. (hopefully)


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Old Testament Poetical Books

Here is a list of recommended commentaries on OT Poetical Books.

I've used Kidner most and love his ability to say a lot in very few words. I too have listened to some of Waltke's lectures on Proverbs (and Song of Solomon) and have been very blessed by them.

Ditto, on Bridges.
I've also used, with devotional profit, Arnot's Studies in Proverbs.

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Nice bibliography Jason. I've enjoyed many of the books on your list and continue to love Bridges. But, I want to encourage fellow members not to forget Henry. He is particularly excellent on the Proverbs and especially considering that he commented on every single proverb; which we moderns rarely do with such penetrating observations, if at all.
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