Commentaries on Proverbs?

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Three of us - my pastor, a pastor friend, and me - have all had the same idea quite independently of one another. My pastor is teaching on some aspects of the Book of Proverbs this summer at church. A pastor friend is doing the same thing at his church. And I am about to launch out on a personal study of Proverbs, working my way through the book using Charles Bridges's 1846 commentary (as republished by the BoT).

I guess great minds think alike! Proverbs is in the air around these parts this year.

So, a question: what are the best commentaries on the Book of Proverbs (in case I decide to supplement Bridges with something else)?


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I recommend Bruce Waltke (2vol, NICOT) for a modern, critical and yet faithful treatment of the book. He does a tremendous effort showing the unity of the material.


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I second Bruce's recommendation of Waltke's commentary. That commentary was decades in the making. I also actually do like Longman's commentary (MUCH better than his abysmal Ecclesiastes commentary). I would also recommend Kidner, who is a master at saying a lot in a small space. Ray Van Leeuwen's commentary in the New Interpreter's Bible is also outstanding. Michael Fox, a Jewish scholar, has some interesting things to say (although he also rips up the text in quite a few places, especially chapter 9). The second and final volume is supposed to come out sometime this year. I do like Koptak in the NIVAC series as well. I would highly recommend Daniel Estes' book (not a commentary) Hear, My Son. That's pretty much the entire field of decent moderns.


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Bridges is the go to guy for certain. Next I like George Lawson [1749-1820]


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Preaching through it right now.

I have been enjoying Charles Bridges (Geneva Commentary Series: Proverbs) for those special gems or zingers as I might say (Good quotes).

EP has a commentary that is helpful for understanding (at least for me so far (although he points to Christ a little too quickly before looking at the text in-depth). It's called "Heavenly Wisdom" by Gary Brady.


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Thanks for the suggestions, folks. Any more?

Yeah. I suggest you assert to BJ that Christ is the center of the book of Proverbs and the ultimate fulfillment of God's Wisdom, and see how quickly his blood pressure goes up :p

He really had a problem with allowing for BT discussions the last time I was in town :lol:


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Jay E. Adams commentary on Proverbs can be a good supplement.

"This 10 - volume series of commentaries is written in everyday English -- a must for laymen as well as the Pastor/Counselor. Jay Adams explains and applies biblical truths in the clear, understandable way that typifies his writing. He does not try to duplicate the standard technical commentaries, but supplements them with the implications of the text for God - honoring counseling and Christian living."

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George Lawson all the way.
I haven't heard much about it, but you might want to check out Anthony Selvaggio's
Proverbs Driven Life.
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