College Pick 'Em 2013 Reminder

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Just another reminder that College Pick 'Em is starting next week! Picks will be posted Monday morning, August 26, as they will be each week. Here is a reminder of the format and rules we'll be following this year:

1. Each week I'll list 15 games for you to pick winners (Yes, 15! Gotta make it a real challenge!). Your entry will need to appear in the Pick 'Em thread before kickoff of the first game (which will always be noted in the thread head post for each week). For purposes of tiebreaking, the last game listed will require not only a winner to be picked, but the score of the game to be predicted. All games, including the tie-break game, will be tabulated, for a total out of 15 possible correct picks.

2. Apart from ties, the person with the most correct picks each week is the winner.

3. For tie-breaking purposes, here is how I will choose the weekly winner: (edited 8/27 to this final version of the tiebreaking rules)

a. Was the correct winner picked in the Tie-Break game?
b. Closest to the total points scored by both teams AND the winning margin. Formula is: square root((your total - actual total)^2 + (your margin - actual margin)^2)).

This method prevents something like this happening: Player A says score will be 45-0 Player B says score will be 23-21. Actual score is 23-22. If we looked at total score
first, and then the winning margin second, Player A would win the tie-break even though he predicted a blowout when player B almost had the exact score right.
Looking at margin first and then total score has similar problems. This gives both total score and final margin equal weight, so that what is favored is the actual prediction of
the score in both ways.

c. Closest to the winning team's score.
d. Closest to the losing team's score.

God willing, we have the winner settled by this point - if not, then each person will obtain a win for the week. The results of each weeks contest will be posted on the Monday following the previous Saturday's games. Don't look for a posting of results on Saturday night (I don't stay up late enough) or on Sunday (I wont be calculating winners, nor will the forum be open for posting, on the Lord's Day)

4. During the season, weekly winners will be tabulated - and at the end of the season, all those who have been the weekly winner at least once will have an entry into the monster end-of-season tournament known as the College Bowl Pick 'Em... the winner of which will be tasked with running the Pick 'Em show in 2014. Note that one needn't participate each week in order to gain an entry into the season-end tournament: one win in one week is sufficient for participation.

5. I will post picks for a week's games each Monday - so look out for August 26, when the Week One picks will be posted - and picks will need to be in by Thursday evening EDT when the first games will kick off.

This is a great bit of fun, so I hope that we get a goodly number of participants this year!

You'll hear from me again Monday morning.

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