Classical Covenant Theology vs Klinean Covenant Theology

Discussion in 'Covenant Theology' started by jpfrench81, Sep 20, 2010.

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    What are the overarching differences between classical reformed covenant theology (e.g., Witsius) and Klinean covenant theology? Perhaps I'm using the terms poorly and I know that not all will agree with pitting these two viewpoints, but I'm just wondering as I continue to try and make sense of covenant theology (after coming from a dispensational background). I've read Horton's Introducing Covenant Theology (formerly God of Promise) and have Witsius on the shelf, but was hoping for a primer in the mean time. Thanks.
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    I'm sorry no one has responded to your question yet.
    I found this statement helpful in studying Covenant Theology:
    - D. Patrick Ramsey, “In Defense of Moses”, Westminster Theological Journal 66.2 (Fall 2004);
    In favour of Kline's position see Mark Karlberg's COVENANT THEOLOGY IN REFORMED PERSPECTIVE: Collected essays and book reviews in historical,biblical, and systematic theology
    For another view see cf. James T. Dennison, Jr., Scott F. Sanborn, Benjamin W. Swinburnson “Merit or Entitlement in Reformed Covenant Theology” The Journal of Northwest Theological Seminary, Volume 24, Number 3 (December 2009)
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