Christian Truths Necessary for Salvation by Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622)

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    What is necessary truth in relationship to the Gospel? Byfield explains what central truths surround the Gospel in an easy to understand format. Great for family worship!

    Christian Truths Necessary for Salvation by Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622) (250 pages)

    Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622) was a Calvinistic puritan divine with a sweet preaching style akin to that of Thomas Watson, and a simple writing style with the practicality of Jeremiah Burroughs. He was an extremely popular puritan in his day.

    The Gospel has certain non-negotiable qualities to it in order to be believed. What are those non-negotiable traits? Byfield demonstrates the necessary Christian truths of the Gospel – what one must believe in order to have true saving faith. He will talk quite a lot about the Old Testament. The Gospel can certainly be found there. He will talk quite a lot about the New Testament. The Gospel can be found there as well, with greater clarity standing in the same substance of the “everlasting covenant” of Christ. In either testament, the substance of the Gospel for all believers remains the same, and focuses on God’s one and only Savior. God has bound himself to save in a specific manner with a specific message. People cannot be saved by general revelation of nature. People are only saved through special revelation, which argues a specific message (otherwise such revelation would not be needed). Byfield is very liberal in using the entire Bible, all of the Word of God, to explain all those necessary truths in order to understand God’s merciful message of salvation, and point men to the Christ.

    He will show that “faith” is believing and trusting in the divine object (Jesus Christ) of a specific message (the good news) and knowing that such an object of knowledge is good (that it comes from God and is necessary to understand to cultivate saving faith). No one would ever trust in anything they did not know to be good for them in that way, and Byfield will set up these Gospel truths in such a way that you might come to know them in a simple and most plain manner.

    This work is not a scan or facsimile, and has been updated in modern English for easy reading. It also has an active table of contents for electronic versions.

    Table of Contents

    Meet Nicholas Byfield by C. Matthew McMahon
    Does the Biblical Word “The” Save Anyone from Hell? by C. Matthew McMahon
    CHAPTER 1: Containing the Nature and Use of This Treatise
    CHAPTER 2: The Method of the Principles
    CHAPTER 3: Of the Scriptures
    CHAPTER 4: Of God
    CHAPTER 5: Of the Creation
    CHAPTER 6: Of God’s Providence
    CHAPTER 7: Of Man’s First Estate in Innocence
    CHAPTER 8: Of the Fall of Man
    CHAPTER 9: Of Sin
    CHAPTER 10: Of Punishment of Sin
    CHAPTER 11: The Estate of Grace
    CHAPTER 12: Of Christ
    CHAPTER 13: Of Christ’s Humanity
    CHAPTER 14: The Conception of Christ
    CHAPTER 15: Of Christ as Born of a Virgin
    CHAPTER 16: Of the Personal Union
    CHAPTER 17: Of Christ as Mediator
    CHAPTER 18: Of the Prophetic Office of Christ
    CHAPTER 19: Of the Priestly Office of Christ
    CHAPTER 20: Of the Expiation of Sin
    CHAPTER 21: Of Christ’s Intercession
    CHAPTER 22: Of the Regal Office of Christ
    CHAPTER 23: Of the Church
    CHAPTER 24: Of Justification
    CHAPTER 25: Of Sanctification
    CHAPTER 26: Of the Resurrection
    CHAPTER 27: Of the Last Judgment
    CHAPTER 28: Of the Glory of Heaven

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