can I join the PCA?

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Not everyone, but enough to send you a hb copy of Jus Divinum Matt. It's on its way. Don't wear it out too quickly; use a pb for that.:) Thanks for the plug; offer is still good till this Friday. (ie pb version for 11.95 with free priority shipping; which I refund back to you if you use Paypal). Get orders postmarked no later than the 15th of April. See Also don't forget to subscribe to the new journal, The Confessional Presbyterian at


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When I was at the Baptist church we too had a couple who were associate members - they were snowbirds who were also members at Sproul's church where they spent the other half of the year. In their case they were, for all practical purposes, fullfledged members... except that they couldn't vote or serve as officers.
I agree with Matt that you should avoid the "associate member" route.

Ben, did that church restrict the Lord's Supper to "members" (including associate members) only?
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