Calvin and Flavel etc on Kindle query

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Any recommendations for the best version of "The Institutes" on Kindle?

I've not read any Flavel - would this set be a good starting point
Christ Altogether Lovely
-The Mystery of Providence
-Keeping the Heart
-The Fountain of Life
-The Method of Grace
Available for 77p (about a dollar)

I'm also thinking of reading Spurgeon's "Treasury of David" - or would Calvin's sermons on the Psalms be more useful (I'm vague as to how I would define useful).

Should have asked a few days ago as my reading for 2014 should already be set up.


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One of the first Puritan works I read was Flavel's "Fountain of Life" and it made such a huge impact on me. I know his "Mystery of Providence" is a more well known work, and also very good, but I would certainly recommend the fountain as a good starting point.

Spurgeon's Treasury of David should be sold by the ounce. He is quite different to Calvin in that each Psalm has three treatments. There CHS own commentary, then selections from various writers on each verse many of which are full of pithy quotations and finally there is "help for the village preacher" where the Psalm is divided up into preachable segments and titles. I would actually have both but if you could only get one then I would go for Spurgeon


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If is available to you there, they make the Kindle format available as one option for download.

You might also look at

As to Flavel, I'm currently giving high commendations for his Righteous Man's Refuge, which is found in vol. 3 of his Works.
The Balm of the Covenant is also excellent (vol. 6)


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Look at OSNOVA's website. They pay a lot of attention to formatting and their version of Edwards' works, Matthew Henry's commentary and Calvin's Institutes is unparalleled, partly because they include links to every verse that is cited (each kindle book contains a full copy of the KJV so you can quickly link to and read a passage cited in the work). Search on Amazon for OSNOVA and I'm sure it will come up. I think they have Spurgeon's Treasury of David too.
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