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Buy the best doctrinal treatises. Read them.

Charnock on God.
Owen, volumes 1-3. If you want to see Owen as a cage stage, read volume 10.
Goodwin on Christology.
Traill on justification.

Stephen L Smith

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The most important reformed set, hands down, is Turretin. No one comes close.
"Turretin is on polemical divinity, on the 5 points & all other controversial points, and is much larger in these than Mastricht, and is better for one that desires only to be thoroughly versed in controversies. But take Mastricht for divinity in general, doctrine, practice and controversy, or as an universal system of divinity; and it is much better than Turretin or any other book in the world, excepting the Bible, in my opinion.”

—Jonathan Edwards to Joseph Bellamy, January 15, 1747


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Banner of Truth "Puritan Paperbacks" and Reformation Heritage Books "Puritan Treasures For Today" are great starting points.

I would second this about the Puritan Paperbacks series. It's a fun series with a wide range of authors. And the books are short, so you can get a feel for who you really love and whose entire works you might want to invest in purchasing later.
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