Books and Lectures On Van Tillian Presuppositionalism

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Howdy Pilgrims,

Recently, because of common misunderstandings and misconceptions of Dr. Van Til, I decided to aquire a few books about Dr. Van Til which can help to clear up misunderstandings and misconceptions. Among the books I've found, and purchased from the Westminster online bookstore are:

1. Van Til's Apologetic: Readings and Analysis by Greg Bahnsen

2. Cornelius Van Til: An Analysis of His Thought by John Frame

3. Jerusalem and Athens: Critical Discussions on the Philosophy and Apologetics of Cornelius Van Til edited by E. R. Geehan

4. Cornelius Van Til and the Reformation of Christian Apologetics by Scott Oliphint

5. The Consistency of Van Til's Methodology by Scott Oliphint


6. Paradox and Truth: Rethinking Van Til on the Trinity by Ralph Smith

In addition to the books listed above, the following lectures by Greg Bahnsen are helpful to clearing up misunderstandings and misconceptions:

1. Van Tilian Apologetics (4 audio CDs)

2. Seminary Apologetics: The Greatness of Divine Wisdom -- 19 of 30

3. Seminary Apologetics: Natural Theology & Theistic Proofs -- 21 of 30

4. Seminary Apologetics: Evidences & Evidentialism -- 22 of 30

5. Seminary Apologetics: Two Theoretical Problems With Presuppositionalism -- 26 of 30

6. Seminary Apologetics: Answering Frame's Critique of Presuppositionalism -- 27 of 30

I cannot recommend Cornelius Van Til's Presuppositional Apologetic (9 CD's) because the quality of the audio is so poor, even after equalizing the audio with Nero Wave Editor. If you must listen, I suggest going with the MP3's and forget about purchasing them in CD format.

I do not own Van Til & the Copernican Revolution in Apologetics (3 CD's) so I cannot give an opinion.


I do not own Van Til Seminar (16 CD's) so I cannot give an opinion.

I've found the Van Til Frequently Encountered Misconceptions webpage to be helpful.

The articles: PA016, PA061, PA062, PA072, PA078, PA089, PA191, PA195, PA196, PA197, PA199, PA200, PA206, and PA207 found here are helpful.

Am I missing any helpful resources here?


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Originally posted by puritansailor
How about reading Van Til himself? :)

:lol: Good idea, or maybe even listening to him. The Works of Cornelius Van Til CD-ROM is by far the best value (and being able to search all of his works with the click of a button is invaluable). I've purchased quite a few of his books in paper format from the WTS bookstore.

Patrick, can you tell me anything about the Christ and Human Thought 28 audio CD set by Dr. Van Til available at the Westminster bookstore? I don't mind spending the money IF the quality of the audio is descent, but if the quality of most of the CD's is poor, I have to pass.

John Frame's "The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God" is extremely helpful. I've referred to it, and briefly quoted from it, to silence a critic.

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I haven't heard that set yet. I haven't heard much audio at all of VanTil. I just have a few of his books. Ask Paul Manata. He can give you a more informed review I'm sure.
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