Book for the Afflicted by Octavius Winslow

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The Bible is the book for the afflicted. We fly to it in times of adversity. It is then that we . . .
read it more attentively,
counsel with it more closely,
understand it more clearly,
relish it more sweetly, and
receive it into the heart more experimentally, as the engrafted Word.

Affliction illuminates the Bible — as though a new book had been composed — or another constellation in the spiritual hemisphere had burst upon the telescope of faith!

We know more of the Lord Jesus through one sanctified affliction
— than by all the treatises the human pen ever wrote!

Welcome whatever makes you more acquainted with God!

Despise nothing that will deepen your intimacy with Jesus.

Welcome the cross — though it may be heavy!

Welcome the cup — though it may be bitter. Receive it as a blessing sent to you from your Father — receive it as a heavenly message to your soul. book for the afflicted.html
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