Bishop, Monk, or Priest

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    Our family have been sharing stories of my childhood, and we discussed the following true incident.

    Further South of where we lived (in a remote part of New Zealand's Westland region) lived three families: Mr and Mrs Bishop, Mr and Mrs Monk, and Mr and Mrs Priest (The Priests were friends of our family). One day a family from Christchurch (Canterbury, NZ) decide to visit their friends, Mr and Mrs Priest. They got lost in the rural area and knocked on the door of a nearby house for guidance. 'Are you a Priest' the visitor asked? 'No I am a Bishop' was the reply! The poor visitor thought this was an example of cheeky rural humour :lol:

    To give people from outside New Zealand an idea of the location, here is a google map link to the rural area.!8m2!3d-42.8327159!4d171.0334321

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