Bigger families gain in popularity

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God has richly blessed you! We are about to begin phase 2. We have four now, two of which are fraternal twins so who knows what we will get this time around. :D
May the bountiful Lord bless phase 2.


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We're not able to have children. It gets depressing sometimes.
Sure you can - what a blessing you could be to the orphans that would providentially be grafted into your house!


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what does the food bill for a family of 16 look like?:bigsmile: I guess that father wouldn't be shopping regularly at :bigsmile:
We have 11 of 12 at home now, but having a very prudent wife, it is not that much different from an average home which indulges in luxury. Hence I have some spare dollars to spend at the reformed bookshop. :)

It pays to but in bulk. :)

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Wow, talk about a full quiver!

We are due to have number 5 in four and a half weeks!


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I will admit, that there are certain things that either detere a person from adopting or the person deters themself from adopting.

On the fostering situation...many ppl don't want government interference.

On adopting, it can be timely and expensive.

Two things that can help...

Some churches have set aside funds to asist those families that are interested in adopting, but paying the court/agency/attorney fees deters them.

In PA (not certain of elsewhere), adopting a child is easy IF you as the adopting parent are not overly "choosey" (ie., insisting upon certain ethniticity, age, etc.)


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We are in an unusual position - we adopted first, then had biological children.

We also thought we could not conceive, volunteered in an orphanage here, and then took a couple of children out on 'loan'. We were unable to bear the thought of bringing Esther and Joseph back, though we've gone on to have a total of 12 children come through our doors The Lord has been faithful for nine years now, that's how long the adoption "process" has taken, and it is not done yet. (To clarify, Esther and Joseph are in the process of being adopted, the other foster children are all back in the orphanage, and Hannah and Izaak are both biological - and both born in Beijing.)

It was difficult to come to terms with adopting for me but it was what was needed to get me to listen to His will for our lives. I think it was that simple.
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