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  1. Pergamum

    Pergamum Ordinary Guy (TM)

    Translation Update: Wycliffe To Be Reviewed | Biblical Missiology

    Here is the article link below:

    US Bible translator agrees to review after criticism over substitutions for 'Son' and 'Father' - Winnipeg Free Press

    Also, pray about this:


    Education Petition: Lost In Translation: Keep "Father" & "Son" in the Bible |
  2. "William The Baptist"

    "William The Baptist" Puritan Board Freshman

    Thanks for sharing. I read a lot of missionary biographies when I was younger... and always loved hearing of the Wycliffe translators beginning.
  3. Pergamum

    Pergamum Ordinary Guy (TM)

    A comment from the petition site:

  4. Pergamum

    Pergamum Ordinary Guy (TM)

    Piper Responds to the Insider Movement – The Gospel Coalition Blog

    Here is an article (with film clip) about John Piper discussing the Insider Movement.

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    Questions and Biblical Guidelines for Missionaries among Muslim Peoples – The Gospel Coalition Blog

    Another good article:

  5. Covenant Joel

    Covenant Joel Puritan Board Sophomore

    Part 1 of the PCA insider movement study committee (just dealing with the translation issue) is now available here.
  6. kappazei

    kappazei Puritan Board Freshman

    Some who parted ways with Frontiers over this Insider Movement issue have formed their own ministry. It is called Salaam Ministries. Salaam Ministries A husband and wife team who are part of our in-house missionaries for our church are part of this. If you'd like to hear about what Salaam is doing to mobilize the North American church to reach Muslims, please contact them.
  7. Pergamum

    Pergamum Ordinary Guy (TM)

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