Best works on Reformed Scholasticism?

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I am trying to work through the majors and have been doing this since 2012. These are the ones I have read.

1. Richard Muller, Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics. Obviously pride of place goes here. Sadly, I do not believe the rumors that they are "about to release Muller again." I've been hearing that for years now.

2. Richard Muller, Dictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms. Most important book in my library.

3. Willem van Asselt, Introducing Reformed Scholasticism.

4. Francis Turretin.

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As a primary source, I would recommend the Leiden Synopsis (aka Synopsis Purioris Theologiae) -- it's being translated into English.

Another (late) primary source whose translation is in progress: Bernardus De Moor's Continuous Commentary. See here.

For secondary sources, I would add Protestant Scholasticism, eds. Trueman and Clark


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Petrus Van Mastricht's Theologia Theoretica-Practica is also in translation.

Steven J. Duby's Divine Simplicity is a very fine study of that important topic, which draws extensively on the metaphysical writings of the Protestant Scholastics. Of course many studies of Puritan authors will be relevant - e.g., Mark Jones, Why Heaven Kissed Earth.
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