Best Pitch Pipe?

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Knecht Christi

Puritan Board Freshman
I am, as of last week, now my congregation's presenter, and need to buy a pitch pipe. I used my phone with the volume down so only I could hear it for a starting note last week, but I find that less than ideal.

In reading reviews for different pitch pipes, I had a hard time finding one that I think would be quiet enough for a presenter.

Could any of you presenters recommend a pitch pipe to me?



Puritan Board Senior
I use Universal Tuner (an app for Android; don't know about Apple).

I wouldn't worry too much about the volume being too low or too high. It is there to help you set the pitch, so you can set it for the congregation. I have my volume high enough for me to hear comfortably (which is nowhere near the max volume).


Puritan Board Junior
I use the Pitch Perfect app. I have a pitch pipe but I find it more convenient to have the app because it’s always with me and never gets lint stuck in the airways :)
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