Banning from Thread - No explanation is necessary

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2 Timothy 2:24-25
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Ladies & Gentlemen,

The maxim remains true in both large organizations as well as Internet discussion boards that 10% of your people take up 90% of your time. I hate having to post rules like this because 90% of you (really more like 99% of you), never even come close to running afoul of the rules here. Nevertheless, the continued refrain of the 1% is occupying too much of the time of the Mods and Admins in back-channel to answer questions that I knew the answer to when I was a teenager and got in trouble for arguing with refs.

This is not the Church and moderating decisions are not going to proceed under the rules of the BCO. I'm also not in agreement that you are owed an explanation when your post is removed. The rules are spelled out in our Forum Rules and under the nature of the Ninth Commandment. Moderators and Admins are not bound to give explanation for every call any more than a referee must give an answer to a call to the angry coach who saw things differently.

Let this post serve as the standard reply when somebody asks: "Why was I banned from a thread?"

The reason: Your post was inappropriate.
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