August 24 in Church History

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On August 24,

* 410 -- Fall of Rome, which prompted Augustine's City of God;

* 1456 -- The second edition of the Gutenberg Bible was published;

* 1524 -- Beginning of the Peasants' Revolt in Germany;

* 1572 -- Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre resulted in the slaughter of an estimated 100,000 French Huguenots, including notables such as Admiral Gaspard de Coligny and Claude Goudimel;

* 1647 -- The Scottish General Assembly passed an Act Providing Directions for Family Worship;

* 1662 -- The Act of Uniformity took effect leading to the Great Ejection of approximately 2,000 Puritan ministers from their pulpits in England;

* 1683 -- John Owen, English Non-Conformist minister, died.

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