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Since September of last year, I've been working on recording readings of various edifying books that are out of copyright into MP3 audio books (Mainly I've been focusing on Puritan works).

My voice is feeble and my reading is not great. But, it's been a blessing to me. Furthermore, I figure it might bless some people. It's not so much that I am a good narrator, but its more about putting the effort in and getting these things narrated. Some of them, especially Richard Alleine's Instructions About Heartwork, to the best of my knowledge, have never been available in MP3 before.

- I'm about halfway done "Instructions About Heartwork / A Companion for Prayer" by Richard Alleine (almost 8 hours of audio so far!)
- I'm done Keach's Catechism.
- I'm done SBTS' Abstract of Principles.
- I'm part way through the Second London Baptist Confesion.
- I've completed 3 Puritan letters (Christopher Love's last letter to his wife and two Samuel Rutherford letters)
- I've completed 9 chapters of William Clark's history of the Anglican Reformation (from Ten Epochs of Church History edited by John Fulton)

These are all available at the following links:

Recordings – Puritan Works » All Things Expounded

Recordings – Reformation History » All Things Expounded

Recordings – Reformed/Calvinistic Baptist Creeds » All Things Expounded

I hope whoever downloads these enjoys them and feel free to give me some feedback.


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Hi Mark! You are not too far at all from me in Michigan. You should come over sometime!

I am a big fan of spoken word, so I would like to thank you for your work on these literary items. Have you considered putting your work on:

These are general websites. I am not sure if you might hope to reach a larger audience? But, definitely, you were right to first put them on those specialty sites you mentioned above.

What sort of microphone/board/software do you use? I enjoy working with my voice (to learn how to read well out loud) and have thought of doing something like this too someday.


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Hi Tim,

As they say, it's just across the pond :) (The Detroit River is quite a thin river. Sometimes when I stand at the river side it seems like I could just hop right over)

I started with librvox. I found their process of producing a book and the whole culture build up around it too stiffling. Too much nonsense on the front end. I decided I would rather get the mp3s up quicker and incrementally improve. I loved librivox as an end user. I downloaded many books and enjoyed them (RIchard Sibbes book for an example). But I was fairly put off by the archaic process of production. is an idea I will look into. I've used it for other things, and download many puritan works from there. Thanks! If I can get stuff up there quickly and easily, I will do that in addition to my website.

I used to use a cheap headset with a mic. It was a bother because I had to do manual background noise reduction on my recording software. Eventually I discovered my wife had a more expensive headset with a mic stored away in the closet. What a difference. It has sound cancelling and some noise removal built into it! What a difference. I never have to run routines to remove background noise now. And the recording is much better. If you compare the keach recordings and the older alleine recordings with the newer aleine recordngs and the london baptist confession recordings, I think you will see the difference. So worth it. I can look up the model of the headset for you if you wish.

I just plug that headset into my laptop and I use Audacity to record and edit. Audacity is powerful, simple, and free.

I encourage you to give it a try. There is so much out there to try that nobody has recorded yet. The fields are white for harvest. Give it a hand, you don't have much to lose (other than time, which can be spent in much much worse ways)!

Also, if you have any other questions or need any sort of help, feel free to drop me a private message. I'd be glad to offer my opinion or advice or thoughts or what not.

Take care and God bless you!
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