Arguments against only consent

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As we enter the dawn of a new wacko age where everything is not only permissible but even advocated (saw swinging touted on a news channel yesterday...ugh) under the sun with the guise of consent, how do we argue that consent is not enough and not the only moral fence?

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For one thing, explain to them where their logic is leading them. If consent is all that is needed, then there can be no logical objection to paedophilia. It is not the most philosophically sophisticated argument, but it is one that is most likely to work on people, and, if it works, then who cares about philosophical sophistication.


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What keeps me from declaring that I am the absolute and that your rejection of my desire is bad? What keeps me from the right to get rid of you? In my mind getting rid of you may help generations to avoid your failures, supposed successes, or what I perceive to be hurtful influences. How do we define failure and success? Where is the authority coming from?
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