Aramaic classes

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Does anyone know of a seminary or university that offers Biblical Aramaic classes by distance? I'm looking for something more than a "teach yourself Aramaic" web page.


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Well it is basically the same with a few letter changes...

This was my Hebrew professor and he also taught Aramaic. He didn't have this book at the time. He made it very easy for me, perhaps the book would be easy to use to learn from...

Basics of Biblical Aramaic | New Testament Greek

Basically what I am saying to you is that I don't know of one being taught via distance learning. :)


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I concur with Andrew. If you know Hebrew there is not much to learn in Aramaic. When Miles taught Aramaic while I was at seminary it consisted of us reading a grammar before the class began and then the classwork was translating the entirety of the Biblical Aramaic and discussing it in class.
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