Apologetics against Jewish attacks?

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Snow Miser
I have a friend at law school who is Jewish, and I know she's going to challenge Christianity in front of me and I cannot let it go. Does anyone know of any apologetic resources online to look over concerning Jewish questions or attacks on Christianity?


Puritan Board Freshman
alright here it goes, Im no expert but, I have been studying the counter missionairy stuff from Jews. what i would consider to be the "Premeir" counter missionairy sites are
1) Outreach Judiasm
2) AnswerJudiasm

they are the very detailed sites, they avoid telling their listeners to respond with "this is what the rabii says" so they really only use the Tanack, in hebrew. they do not use the ORal law or any thing else sorta "sola scripture"

the best response to the sites above is from a guy named Dr. Michael Brown- he has 2 PHDs in near eastern languages and some such- brilliant guy. the book is called "Jewish objections to Jesus" Dr Michael brown has proverbially "wiped the floor" with some Jewish apologists.
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