Any Resources for Introducing My Former Charismatic Pastor to the Regulative Principle?

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Knecht Christi

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As a former charismatic, I recently had the opportunity to meet up with one of my former pastors to catch up and share how we had been growing in our faith, and we had a great discussion surrounding worship, why I only sing Psalms, why instruments were a shadow of what was to come and are thus fulfilled, etc. He finds this position intriguing, and wants to learn more. He has never heard of the Regulative Principle of Worship before. I know a lot of good resources focusing on how the RPW is to be applied, but I want to give him something that lays out the general, biblical and historical foundations for the principle. Any recommendations?

I am open to articles from non-EP, non-acappella perspectives, as long as they do not explicitly teach this (I am not going to send him an article that calls instruments a circumstance for example, but I would send him something that remained silent on the matter).


Tom Hart

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Not a book on the RPW per se, but one that I would recommend as gentle introduction to psalmody is Michael Lefebvre's Singing the Songs of Jesus. It's a very nice, succinct, and accessible little book that might just get your former pastor thinking about worshipping God according to his commands. The book is not putting forward an EP argument, although the author is EP, but rather argues the immeasurable value of psalmody.

Regi Addictissimus

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Jeremiah Burrough's Gospel Worship should be near the top of everyone's list. Stephen Charnock's section titled Spiritual Worship in Existence and Attributes of God is a most worthy follow up.
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