Antichrist and the Beast

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What would make someone connect the Antichrist figure(s) and that of the Beast of Revelation? For some reason, I get the idea that many people see them as the same person(s), when we don't find a reference to the Antichrist(s) at all in Revelation. Am I wrong? What are the different viewpoints on these figures and how they relate? :candle:

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If you would like good review of that, read Geerhardus Vos' chapter on the Man of Sin in his Pauline Eschatology. You may not agree with his conclusion but it's still a good review.

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the antichrist could be one of the beast. personally I think the beast out of the sea is nero but the beast out of the land (the antichrist) is either Caiaphas or the entire Jewish apostate leadership.
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