Anthony Burgess on the ministers needs to make Christ known and imitate His ministry.

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“I have manifested thy name unto the men which thou gavest me out of the world.”

—JOHN 17:6

We now come to consider the person Himself, and that is Christ, who says of Himself, “I have manifested thy name.” Christ speaks in this as He is the great Prophet, and chief Shepherd of our souls, for being entrusted with this office, He did faithfully discharge it. Whoever reads over Christ’s life, and sees how laborious and diligent He was to bring men to the knowledge of God, and to save their souls, must needs say, “The Lion of the tribe of Judah went up and down more earnestly to save than the roaring lion of hell is busy to destroy.” Hence (John 4), while He is employed to bring home but one poor sheep that was gone astray, the woman of Samaria, He is so earnest in it that He forgets to eat His bread, and tells them His meat and drink was to do His Father’s will, which was to declare the truth of God, and invite sinners to come in to Him. So then we see here an excellent precedent for all the ministers of the gospel to follow; as Christ was wholly in this, to make people know God, so ought they to be; in Christ’s works of His mediatorship, and of His miracles, we may not imitate Him, we cannot, but in this of His labor and tender love to men’s souls, we are bound to follow Him.

Anthony Burgess. Christ's Prayer Before His Passion: Expository Sermons Upon John 17, Vol. 1. Grand Rapids, MI: Reformation Heritage Books. Coming soon.
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