Anthony Burgess on the abundant richness of John 17.

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[T]his prayer of Christ may be compared to a land flowing with milk and honey, in respect of that treasure of consolation which is contained therein. For as Chrysostom (Praefat. Ad Johan.) says, “Though he be the son of thunder, yet his voice is sweeter than any melody.” Therefore at the 13th verse he relates that our Savior said, “These things have I spoken in the world that my joy might be fulfilled in them.” It is observed that when Christ did in a more extraordinary and ardent manner pray to God, He went into some secret place and was alone. And Casaubon lets it be considered by the learned (Exerc. 16. Chap. 62.) whether our Lord did not also pray this prayer privately. But this expression [I speak these things in the world] plainly demonstrates that it was at least spoken in the presence of the disciples, and that it was for their edification and consolation. Seeing therefore this is such a fountain for healing and refreshing, come with a spiritual thirst to be replenished thereby. Seeing here is the honey and the honeycomb, do not with Jonathan taste a little only, but eat freely and abundantly thereof. [Then] you will by a serious and constant meditation find [that] this heavenly matter in Christ’s prayer makes you heavenly also, and assimilates you into His own likeness. How vain and empty will all the glory of the world appear to you, when you will be lifted up upon this Mount of Transfiguration! They that live under the torrid zone never feel any cold,
and you who will find this prayer of Christ active and vigorous in your chest, will never have cause to complain of that dullness, formality, and coldness which many others groan under. The Lord grant that you may find this [to have] savory power and experimental efficacy upon your heart in the reading thereof.

Your Soul’s well-wisher,
Anthony Burgess
Sutton, Coldfield
June 12th, 1656

Anthony Burgess. Christ's Prayer Before His Passion: Expository Sermons on John 17 (Volumes 1 & 2) (Kindle Locations 174-178). Reformation Heritage Books. Kindle Edition.

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