Another greeting from Charlotte, NC

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Greetings from N Carolina,

My husband (jaybird0827) introduced me to the board.

A little background... I was raised in the mainline Presbyterian. church. As an adult, I was attracted to the charasmatic movement because my serious-minded friends in the church were of that persuasion.

Teaching Special Educ in public schools gave me a desire to obtain a more solid Bible foundation in order to hold "Good News Clubs" after school for my students. That's when I attended Columbia Grad School of Bible & Missions.

The college introduced me to a broader understanding of the body of Christ. Time on the mission field with WBT helped me see the difference between Biblical Christianity and American Christianity. I met my future husband when I returned to the states to help care for my mother. He introduced me to the Westminster Standards and is still helping me unload a lot of misunderstandings regarding the Christian faith and walk.

We homeschooled our son (birth - HS).

I look forward to doing a lot of browsing. What I've read so far has been encouraging and refreshing.

Thank you to all those who keep this board going!

In Christ's care,
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