An Examination of Exclusive Psalmody

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Perhaps this is slightly off-topic but I'm curious. For the churches who are EP and use no musical instruments, how many conversions to Christ do they see? Have any been reported? Do they generally keep their young folks during the 15-25 year age range? How does this compare to Reformed, hymn-singing churches who use musical instruments, even (horrors of horrors) guitars and drums? I've seen one of the latter, a CR church in Canada, which has very effective evangelism but perhaps this is exceptional.
Hi Leslie:

I do not know if you are making an argument, or just making an observation.

If you are making an argument:

Then we should all be Arminians, because Arminians today "convert" more people than Calvinists. Billy Graham attracted tens of thousands of people to his preaching, and many people count their conversion as a direct result of his crusades.

We should all be Dispensationalists. The most popular writers today hold to Dispensationalism - Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, Charles Ryrie, Chuck Swindol, and many others outsell Calvinists at least 4 to 1.

All our churches should be like Saddleback - since their "style" is the most popular today.

We should all hold to Believer's baptism - because it is the most popular conception.

If you are simply making an observation:

Then I agree with you that there are serious problems in the "popular" church today in both doctrine and worship. We need to lovingly address these problems and call the erring church to repentance.

Grace and Peace,

Rob Wieland


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I'm making neither an argument or observation. I live in Africa, have been out of US culture for 14 years, and just wonder. It does appear to me that there is something radically wrong with churches that lose their young folks and do not draw unbelievers and new believers. However, the remedy should not be unfaithfulness to the truth. To what extent it can and should be altering one's practice to "package" the gospel in a more appealing form, is open to debate.
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