American revision to the WCF.

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Can someone point me to the process used to rewrite the WCF for the American Presbyterian church?

Primarily: what was the debate like and what was the process used?

What Scriptures did they use to support their updates, and what did they say about the Scripture proofs that the Westminster divines used in support of the Establishment Principle?

I'm really curious to understand this from a historical perspective - because my initial (uncharitable) thought is that they caved to the political climate of their day.

But I don't want to be uncharitable and want to really dive deep into this issue. It has been troubling me as of late.


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Here's an article that might be of interest.

 Reformed Presbyterian Church in the United States

It explains why the RPCUS uses the original. There's a section titled "Why did American Presbyterianism, revise 23:3 in the Westminster Confession of Faith?"

I know I've heard Dr. Joe Morecraft go through the history in one of his sermons but can't remember the name of the sermon. Try searching on sermonaudio.


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If I may add a question to this, who were some of the notables present at this body? I'm far more interested in the initial question, but if someone is familiar with the persons, I'd love to know.


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John Witherspoon, for one.

I'd have to revisit it to be perfectly sure, but the revision, along with the book ok church government were prepared in 1788 by a committee from the Synod of New York and Philadelphia. Witherspoon ws reportedly the author of the Preliminary Principles.
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