Alternatives to wordpress?

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Wordpress is attacking and shutting down some of my friends' blogs. I actually like wordpress's set up better than blogger (and blogger is connected with Google, which is the Beast).

What are alternatives to wordpress?


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Find a host.

Buy a site name.

Write some code. It might not be as pretty, but you have a lot more control. It will take a bit more work.


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I have noticed Wordpress shutting down blogs this past week and I too am wondering how long my blogs will be allowed to remain up. I have been looking into alternatives but haven't found anything great yet. This page has some alternatives to Wordpress listed but I'm not super familiar with any of them. And this and this are some self-hosting free speech alternatives I am looking at. I'm interested to know if you come across any suitable alternative!


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You can easily set up a Squarespace site with a template and even enter blog entries from your phone with an Android or IPhone app. They'll keep you ahead of the curve on responsive design, etc.


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I'd second Squarespace, it's a great website platform, and a good choice if you also want a website in addition to just a blog. Medium is also very popular these days, and is focused entirely on blogging. Both of these options require little to no programming expertise and are free.

If you want full control of your website, then purchasing your own domain and web hosting may be a better choice long term. Companies like WP Engine and Flywheel can make this process pretty easy. Obviously this will come at a (pretty small) cost though.


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