All at His Disposal by Octavius Winslow

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    Jesus has all the treasures of the everlasting
    covenant, all the fulness of the Godhead, all
    the resources of the universe in His keeping,
    and at His disposal!

    Look at the starry sky; Jesus strewed it with its jewelry.

    Look at that enchanting landscape; Jesus enameled it with its loveliness.

    Look at that cloud capped mountain; Jesus reared it.

    Look at that beauteous lily; Jesus painted it.

    Look at that soaring bird; Jesus feeds it.

    He, with whom is all this strength and beauty,
    is your Brother. Are you not better and dearer
    to Him than these? He has loved and chosen you
    from all eternity, ransomed you with His blood,
    and inhabited you by His Spirit.

    Why, then, these fears? Why this distrust?

    All He requires of you is to bring....
    to His fulness your emptiness;
    to His sympathy your grief;
    to His unerring wisdom your embarrassment; and
    to His sheltering wing your temptations and trials.

    Spread your case before Him in the humble
    confidence of a child. Listen to His words:
    "I am the Lord God that brought you up out
    of the land of Egypt; open your mouth wide,
    and I will fill it."
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