Alexander Waugh on the perfection of the Psalms

Reformed Covenanter

Puritanboard Commissioner
David, Asaph, &c, having put down the sentiments contained in the words of the Psalms, sent them to Jeduthan, by whom they were adapted to, and became constituent parts in, the worship of the Jewish Church. As such, our Lord and his apostles acknowledged them; and on the cross the Redeemer began one of them, the continuing of which his sufferings prevented.

All other songs fall infinitely beneath these, being liable to mislead; but in these songs there is no fear of mistake in the sentiments they convey. In David’s songs there are no feeble parts; and he gives credit to his reader for perception in their perusal, without those links to connect the different parts, which moderns find it needful to introduce. His mind catches the prominent beauties as they rise before him; like the roebuck, bounding from rock to rock, regardless of the spaces that intervene. ...

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