Activities of the Holy Spirit?

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There's so much floating around that I've heard about the Holy Spirit, but now I'm wanting to search Scripture to see what it has to say. What are the activities of the Holy Spirit? What role does He play in our lives? (Application of this as well). And finally, how exactly does the Spirit lead us? Is it by feelings, drawing, speaking, etc. I'm looking to Scriptureally answer theses questions, as well as get into this more! Any help? Thanks guys!


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Hi Caleb. I see that you are a pastor and therefore I recommend searching one or two standard Reformed theologies. Most will have a section on Pneumatology which will help you to see the relevant scripture passages in a systematic manner.

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Sinclair Ferguson's book on the Holy Spirit is good. Wayne Grudem will come from a continuationist perspective, so keep that in mind..


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As a former charismatic I occasionally get into these discussions Charismatic Confusion was particularly helpful by John MacArthur helpful. I recall one documented event when I think John Wimber was questioning things and was about to look into the scriptures for answers. Just then the phone rang - giving him the answers he was seeking... he didn't bother with the scriptures.


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Glad you enjoyed it, Jack! Like most Warfield, it's one to keep around. Thanks for highlighting that it exists in 3 parts!


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Also go to sermonaudio and find some of S. Ferguson's messages on John Owen. Deals with this in nice detail and in my opinion, is more helpful than his book (which is good, too).


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A practical book that I have benefited from which addresses many errant views floating around Christendom today is J. I. Packer's Keep in Step with the Spirit.
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