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Discussion in 'Federal Vision/New Perspectives' started by greenbaggins, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Scott1

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    Maybe this is an oversimplification, perhaps even a benefit of not having had the sophisticated argumentation of some theologians, but this has always been clear to me.

    When the Westminster Standards use the term "obedience" it means the whole of Christ's obedience, which includes both His active and passive obedience.

    Because Christ obeyed God, He met God's perfect standard of righteousness, and faith in that saves us.

    'Federal vision' at best, would confuse this simple truth, which undermines God's promises and our assurance. At worst, it denies it.

    Few things could be more damaging than that.
  2. Mushroom

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    The truth of that statement is profound. The local quasi-FV congregation is full of folks who are there not because they understand the implications of the theology, but because they like the 'atmosphere'. Sadly though, that is true even of my own Church.
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