A Praying Life by Paul E. Miller (Kindle Book)

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This is being offered for free today. I do not know the author or content of book. But the post has the following.

What a refreshing book! If you’re tired of religious prayer games and rote prayers that stop at the ceiling or if you have suspected that God was on vacation somewhere, this book will change your life. And if you’re thinking about giving up on prayer, don’t! At least not until you’ve read this book. When you have, you’ll thank me for recommending it to you. –Steve Brown, Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary; teacher on the syndicated radio program Key Life.

Scrool down to third book for today.

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Awesome! Someone recommend this and I was going to buy it eventually. Glad I waited.

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Isn't Paul Miller the son of Jack Miller? That might explain the following caution in the reviews (the one by Tim Challies):

I do want to point out what I consider a weakness in the book, and it has to do with some of the people Miller quotes. Those who have read other books on prayer may well see that Miller is indebted to the mystics; he has clearly derived at least a portion of his theology and practice of prayer from them. At times there is a certainly mystical quality in what he teaches. We can begin to see the source of this in the several times he quotes Thomas Merton. Now I do know that many people quote Merton as an authority on prayer; I have not read his books on prayer so cannot comment. However, necessarily, as a Roman Catholic Trappist monk, Merton's theology will get worse the closer he gets to the cross. Hence I think an author would wish to quote him only with the utmost care. My concern with Miller's book is that he may lead people to investigate Merton and read there not only what Merton wrote on prayer but also what he wrote on other subjects. Thus there is good reason to be just a little bit cautious here. This mystical emphasis on prayer runs as an undercurrent through the book, not destroying it but at times, I feel, detracting from it.
Nevertheless, Challies does give a strong recommendation to the book.

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I need to begin with full disclosure: I know Paul Miller and consider him a friend. That said, I also strongly recommend his book.

We're not exactly close friends, but I do know Paul well enough to know he is a true man of prayer. He's an encouragement just about every time we talk. He's theologically astute, but mostly writes not from the perspective of a scholar who's observed much about the theological ins and outs of prayer, but rather—as he puts it—as a heavy user. Prayer is how he does life. The book is largely about his own struggle to become a praying man, and how it came about.

If prayer is hard for you (like it is for most of us), or if you feel discouraged or condemned by your prayer life (like many of us do), or if you're not naturally good at it (all of us), this book is worth picking up.


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After reading the above posts I may start this book tonight. Between my Kindle free book's and recent purchases I'm falling behind in my reading.


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Thanks for the heads up John! I've heard many good things about this book as well. Here are some more endorsements from some well-known names (from WTS books):

"This is as fine a book on prayer that you will ever read, but it is so much more. It is the story of our struggle to actually live like we believe that our Heavenly father really does love us. If we did, nothing could keep us from being committed to the day by day hard work of prayer. Paul exegetes our struggle in a way that is convicting, insight giving and encouraging. This is a book on prayer that actually makes you want to pray!"
- Paul David Tripp

"Paul Miller refuses to separate the spiritual life from the rest of our daily living. In A Praying Life, he shows the difference that constant communication with Christ makes in the everyday experiences of life, especially the life of the family. Reading this book will help you make prayer a more important part of your own life story by integrating prayer into the daily routines of life."
- Dr. Philip Ryken, Senior Minister, Tenth Presbyterian Church

"A Praying Life is a deeply moving testimony to God's power in prayer. Paul Miller shares his life and biblical wisdom to instill in us, his readers, a "heart that becomes a factory of prayer" - that is, a passion to speak to God honestly and in a way that will change our life and the lives of others for whom we pray."
- Tremper Longman III

"In my library, I have perhaps twenty different volumes on prayer, but none has so captured my heart or propelled me into fresh communion with our Father as much as A Praying Life. Finally, a book that applies the radical implications of the gospel of God's grace to prayer! With childlike wonder, sage-like wisdom, and heartfelt candor, Paul shows us that to pray is to see Jesus more clearly and meet him more regularly in every single aspect and moment of the day. Thanks, my friend, for calling me back to what really matters."
- Scotty Smith, Pastor for Worship, Preaching and Teaching, Christ Community Church

"Charles Spurgeon wrote, "Prayer does not fit us for the greater works; prayer is the greater work." Paul Miller's superb book calls us back to this "greater work", reminding us of the joy we find in our Lord's presence and equipping us with practical insight on how to recapture the intimacy and power of A Praying Life."
- Ken Sande, President, Peacemaker Ministries

"Many books on prayer simply make you feel guilty about your prayer life. Here is a book that has the potential to actually improve your prayer life. I found it helpful."
- Paul Kooistra, PhD, Director, Mission to the World

"Prayer, the concept and the practice, exposes our core doubts and desperation for God. Most books on prayer leave me addled or angry - this is not a domain for cowards who ignore the simplicity of prayer or manipulators who provide a surefire methodology for making our desires happen. Paul Miller captures the promise of prayer as a gift that connects us to the heart of the Father and as a path for transforming the world. Paul Miller's honest struggle with living a life full of prayer and his childlike delight in hearing the heart of God invites us to gratitude and calls us to speak boldly to our God. This book will be like having the breath of God at your back. Let it lift you to new hope."
- Dan Allender

"What a refreshing book! If you're tired of religious prayer games and rote prayers that stop at the ceiling or if you have suspected that God was on vacation somewhere, this book will change your life. And if you're thinking about giving up on prayer, don't! At least not until you've read this book. When you have, you'll thank me for recommending it to you."
- Steve Brown, professor, Reformed Theological Seminary


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I was wondering if the people who endorse book's actually read them. It seems that I keep seeing the same people endorsing book's. When do they have time in their ministries to read so much.
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