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I have made posts to the eschatology section on this board and got a few responses. I have written a paper that more completely argues for my position that I would like to post here (upload) for others to read. I see that others here have included links to other web sites. Unfortunately I have no place to post the paper from which it can be linked. Any hope of seeing this feature in the future?

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Dropbox.com works for me. Or you could simply post the paper as an attachment using the Advanced editing feature. Once in advanced mode use the paper clip icon to post your content. Attached the item below, my usual location when posting on the internet, as a test. ;)



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Unfortunately I have no place to post the paper
Also, I am aware of at least one instance where a PB member has posted an entire paper as part of a thread, with multiple sections (cut & pasted from his word processor I gather). You can see this as an example of the interaction it attracted on the PB:


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I would imagine that posting a paper for download would get less interest than a thread. But you have also probably figured out that long posts in regular threads are less likely to be read all the way through as well.

Remember also that most threads will not be such that it can be said that they have been thoroughlydiscussed. This is not a criticism of the people on the PB, but just the way it goes. Fully comprehensive discussions do happen, just not every time. It can be frustrating when a thread doesn't "take off" the way you wish, but don't let this stop you from posting!

Is this the sort of thing you wish to remedy?
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