A new, new denomination - Christ Reformed Presbyterian Church


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Chalcedon was also PCA back in the 70's and early 80's. They left, and started Covenant Presbytery which eventually became the RPCUS.


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Also, why don't you ever hear of 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, Presbyterian Churches? After all, he that shall be least.....
I think my husband had a joke about something like "The Last Baptist Church" and like "...if only it were true." But I can't be too sure of the denomination; it may have been something other than Baptist (and he had jokes about Presbyterians too, my favorite one being about when St. Peter takes a new group of believers up an elevator and the Presbyterians on one floor thinking they're the only ones there).

De Jager

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Which congregation? I'd like to check them out if any of our members might travel up in that direction.
Tillsonburg Ontario, I believe they are called New Life Presbyterian Church.
Not showing up on the denomination website.

The minister's credentials are with the presbytery but perhaps the church hasn't been formally added yet. It's quite new.


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Just to keep info current, here is a follow-up from Dewey Roberts on the Aquila Report:

The article uses code words... "the late unpleasantness" is a code phrase for neo-confederates. It usually refers to Lincoln's War in 1861. Call the SPLC, call the ADL. This cannot be tolerated.