A Good Introductory audio/video course on Martin Luther, on sale

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Yeah, I KNEW I had to put the "on sale" part for you PB'ers!


This is from "The Teaching Company" and they have LOTs of great courses... but only buy them when they're on sale, otherwise they are very expensive.

They have courses on physics, religion, music, economics, etc, etc.

Here's an excerpt about this course:

"Luther´s Compelling Theology: "Believe It and You Have It"

This is an opportunity to take an in-depth look at the origin of the controversies associated with Luther: his distinctive doctrine about the power of the Christian Gospel. Throughout these lectures, Professor Cary carefully traces the often subtle and challenging thinking behind Luther´s central theological doctrine of justification by faith alone.

You will see how Luther modified the traditional Catholic notion, derived from St. Augustine, of the relationship between God and man. In this Augustinian paradigm, the spiritual life was a journey in which believers drew near to God through a lifetime of love and good works.

Luther felt at the bottom of his heart that his love and good works were never good enough. Schooled by medieval practices of penance and confession that arose long after Augustine, Luther could not escape the thought that he was a sinner who must eventually face the judgment of God, incapable of meriting his love and approval.

In the face of that terrifying thought, Luther believed the only possible comfort was the Gospel of Christ, which is not about what we do but about what Christ does. The Gospel, Luther taught, is God´s promise of salvation in Christ (and as Luther insisted, "God doesn´t lie"). Instead of works of love meriting God´s approval, all that is required to be justified in God´s sight is to believe this promise. As Luther often put it, "Glaubst du, so hast du": believe it and you have it.

You will see how this simple concept"”to be justified simply by believing God´s promise"”exploded like a bombshell in late-medieval Europe. It offered certainty of salvation to ordinary people whose..."

Course on Luther


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Thanks for the heads up. Have you listened to it - is it good? I listen to Teaching Company tapes all the time. I am listening to the High Middle Ages currently.

Anyway, some of the religion courses I have seen are terrible. For example, they have extreme liberal and higher critic Bart Ehrman do allot of the religious courses. I rate his stuff as lowly as possible.

BTW, I recommend that people get these sets from their local library through interlibrary loan. That is what I do. So, you get to listen to them for free and they don't take up space in your house. It is a great deal. I love ILL.
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