A Comfort To Suffering Christians

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This is a music post, but it deals with suffering.

The topic dealt with in the song, is so profound, and theologically sound, that I thought I would post it.

This is a song that deals with why we suffer? It's called "His Purpose Is Gracious".

Now is the time I warn you... It is a Christian Hip Hop song. Ha. Coming from the guy in the backwards hat! Once you hear that, you probably laugh and switch to another part of the forum.

If you absolutely cannot stand the sound of any hip hop whatsoever, I understand you leaving this thread *I'm sure 80 percent of you left by now*.

Whoever is left, the lyrics are fairly easy to understand, just listen, and try to get what you can out of the song.

The guy is theologically sound to the core, and you can tell by the song.

Believin' Stephen "His Purpose Is Gracious" feat. Timothy Brindle | DaSouth.com

He also had R.C Sproul on two introductions on his album. It's called "The Suffering Servant".

It's been a great comfort to me in my recent trials. Take a listen, and let's have an edifying discussion about the topics brought up in the song. And how God uses suffering for His glory

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"Read john 9
A man was born blind
Who's fault was it?
They asked the LORD why?
Did his parents sin?
Or was it this guy?
It was neither
But in his time
God would heal him
And let His work shine
Christ let Him see with transformed eyes
Christ spit made ___ with the saliva
He gave Him sight
See the love of the Messiah
The Pharisees doubted, and hated with madness
They claimed Christ was a sinner who was breaking the sabbath
How were you healed? They asked doubtfully
He said: "I was blind but now I see"
And now believe, in the Son of Man,
He healed me with His loving hand
There's no mention of specific sin
But God's plans make sense
so we get to the end

In John 11,
Jesus knows Lazerus is dying but does not prevent it,
Martha and Mary ask the loving Christ,
Heal my brother who you love,
Spare Lazerus's life!
So perhaps your asking, why? and your buggin
How He could let him die if He loved him?
This is seeming absurd,
Jesus surely could heal Him by just speaking a word,
It's 4 days later,
He's at his tomb where they're crying,
LORD, why not heal if you knew he was dying?
Then Jesus wept,
except He knew this illness did not lead to death,
He said it's for the glory of God,
so people could see His power and adore Him with awe,
so because He loved him he allowed this mess,
to show His power to pull him out of death,
And that His word has such force to give,
life to a corpse when He said COME FORTH AND LIVE!
He raised Lazerus with His call,
to show He is stronger then all the results of the fall
and that death is just sleep to Him
no matter how deep in sin, or the beast within,
if you see your mess, there is no better blessing,
when you bring it to Him, who is the resurrection.

I just typed those lyrics out, it's about the first half of the song. Later it goes into Job's suffering. It's just comforting, what happened to Lazerus (I know I probably spelled it wrong), and also the man born blind.

Not to mention it explains what these sufferings can help turn us to. Him.
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