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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
5 Marks of Devotion to God by C. Matthew McMahon

Do you long for a closer relationship to the Savior Jesus Christ? Do you desire a more intimate communion with God each day? Every true Christian does.

The purpose of this volume in the “5 Marks Series” is to cover the spiritual disciplines housed in private devotions, fasting and family worship. It is a study on how the biblical doctrines of reading Scripture, prayer and godly meditation practically work in the life of the believer and their family. These spiritual disciplines will help further conform them into the image of their only Savior Jesus Christ, both individually pressing them towards a godly reformation, and also to reform the family as a Christian household. It is to come to know God in a deeper and more intimate manner, and to be empowered by the Spirit of God for the glory of Christ.

Table of Contents
This work covers the following five marks of devotion to God:

Mark 1: Daily Bible Reading and Study
Mark 2: Daily Meditation
Mark 3: Daily Prayer
Mark 4: Fasting
Mark 5: Family Worship

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