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35% sale on reprint titles. I keep some of Naphtali Press out of print titles available on the back list via print on demand. Lulu.com is having a 35% off sale code WQT32. See link below; not available at the NP site. Books available are:
James Durham, Sermons on Isaiah 53, 2 vols.
James Durham, Lectures on the Ten Commandments
James Durham, Concerning Scandal
David Hay Fleming, Shorter Writings Paperback.
George Gillespie, Anonymous Writings including Wholesome Severity Reconciled with Christian Liberty. Pb.
George Gillespie, Assertion of the Government of the Church of Scotland. Pb.
John R. DeWitt, Jus Divinum: The Westminster Assembly and the Divine Right of Church Government. Facsimile in hardback.
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Don't forget about regular offerings that are still offered in regularly produced sewn hardback volumes. The Westminster Assembly's Grand Debate is still in prepub at $24.95 plus s/h.
Prepub offer: The Westminster Assembly’s Grand Debate. | Naphtali Press
George Gillespie's English Popish Ceremonies and other titles are also available. I have one 4 book book-bundle offer left (Gillespie, Scots sermons, Durham on Job and Anthology vol. 5). See the online store at naphtali.com Store | Naphtali Press
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