2015 Annual Reformed Congregational Fellowship conference

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Conference Registration
Name (First, Last - wife's first name, if attending)
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Which day(s) will you attend?
□ All ($150/person-Double, $185/person-Single)
□ Tuesday
□ Wednesday
□ Thursday
Day visitors: $20 usage fee; 8AM Breakfast, $8;
12:30PM Lunch, $10; 5:45PM Supper, $15
Please complete this form with your check for the full
amount payable to:
“Evangelical Congregational Church - RCF Account”
and mail to:
Paul Wanamaker
RCF Registrar
217 Old Taunton Avenue
Norton, MA 02766
Annual RCF
April 14-16, 2015
“Free Indeed!”
Salvation Army’s Wonderland
Conference Center
10 Capen Hill Road
Sharon, MA
Reformed Congregational
Reformed Congregational Fellowship - Home
I n one of his debates with the Pharisees, Jesus
promises that those who abide in his word will
know the truth and the truth will set them
free. He then goes on to assert that “if the Son
sets you free, you will be free indeed.” The Apostle
Paul exhorts the Galatians to “Stand fast . . . in
the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and
do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.”
F reedom? Liberty? From what has the Christian
been freed? How far does our freedom
in Christ extend? What of the law? Is liberty the
same as license? Does this liberty protect the
conscience of the Christian? Is civil disobedience
W e invite you to the 2015 Reformed Congregational
Fellowship Pastors’ Conference,
April 14-16, at the Wonderland Conference Center,
Sharon, MA, where these questions and
more will be addressed in six presentations by
colleagues serving in the pastorate. And they will
serve as the stepping off point for a lively and
collegial consideration of the Savoy’s chapter 21,
“Of Christian Liberty, and Liberty of Conscience.”
T he Conference begins with Tuesday supper,
April 14, and ends with Thursday lunch, April
16, 2015. The Salvation Army Wonderland Conference
Center is at 10 Capen Hill Road, Sharon,
MA. There are motel-like rooms and all linens are
provided. Price includes all meals for those attending
the entire conference. Attendees are
warmly encouraged to invite others and to bring
their wives. There is no childcare.
From points North: Take Route 95 South to Exit
10 (Sharon/Coney St.). Take a left at end of ramp
onto Coney Street, which is Route 27. Follow
Route 27 about 2 miles into Sharon Center. Go
across the traffic light and take the first right
onto Pond Street. Follow to the rotary and pick
up the road straight ahead, Massapoag Avenue.
Go to the end of the lake (about 1 mile) to
Capen Hill Road. Take a left unto Capen Hill. The
Salvation Army Wonderland Conference Center
is the first driveway on the left.
From points South: Take Route 95 North to Exit
8 (Sharon/Foxboro). At the stop sign take a right.
Follow Main Street. You will go through a set of
blinking lights and a traffic light. Take a right at
the next set of blinking lights onto Ames Street.
There is a red brick Baptist church on the corner.
On Ames Street, go the stop sign and take a right
onto Pond Street. At the rotary, take 2nd exit,
Massapoag Avenue. Go to the end of the lake
(about 1 mile) to Capen Hill Road. Take a left
unto Capen Hill and Wonderland is the first
driveway on the left.
Air travelers can fly into Providence or Boston.
The Center is roughly equidistant from these
airports. Commuter rail service stops in Sharon.
Pick-ups from Sharon rail station may be arranged.
Let us know.
Call or email for questions and information:
508.285.5525, or [email protected].
Presentation Schedule:
Tuesday 7PM
The Divine Purchase: Redeemed from the Curse
of the Law and This Present Evil World
Douglas Vickers, Hadley, MA
Wednesday 8:45AM
The Administration of the Covenant of Grace in
the Ceremonial Law
Rick Daniels, NC
Wednesday 10:15AM
From Legal Obedience to Gospel Obedience: The
Grace of God That Teaches Us to Say No to Ungodliness
and Worldly Passions
Bob Hall, Bronx, NY
Wednesday 1:15PM
“He Who Was Free… Is a Slave of Christ”: The
Use and Abuse of a Pauline Metaphor
Ross Macdonald, MA
Wednesday 2:30PM
Expanded Discussion followed by a Business
Wednesday 7PM
Jeremiah Burroughs and Liberty of Conscience:
“Let not violence be used to force people to
things spiritual that they know not”
Steve Weibley, Carlisle, MA
Thursday 9:00AM
Taking a Stand: Civil Disobedience and the Christian
Kirk van der Swaagh, New York, NY
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