2012 Reformed Congregational Fellowship Pastor's Conference

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The 2012 Annual Pastor's conference of the Reformed Aongregational Fellowship, will be held April 17-19, 2012 ate the Wonderland Salvation Army Conference Center in Sharon, MA.

The sessions will be based on Chapters 17-18 of the Savoy Declaration of Faith, the historic Reformed confession of Congregationalism.

2012 Reformed Congregational Fellowship Pastors' Conference

"Pastor, am I saved? I thought I was, but now I'm not so sure." This not
unfamiliar question offers a vital shepherding opportunity. How will you
respond? The counsel you give will create either comfort or concern in the
one who doubts his or her place among God's people.

How does one obtain assurance? And once gained, how does one rest in the
certainty of salvation? What needs to be said to those who think themselves
secure but show little evidence of true faith? Six presentations by
colleagues serving in the pastorate will center on these vital and practical
concerns. They include:

* Assurance of Grace and Salvation at the End of Life - Christopher

* Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners: John Bunyan's Pilgrimage
to Assurance of Salvation - Bob Hall

* Spiritual Union and Assurance - Kirk van der Swaagh

* Dark Nights of the Soul: Waiting Long in Assurance - Tim Broberg

* Assurance and Friendship - David Green

* Be Even More Diligent to Make Your Call and Election Sure - Paul

Plan on attending the 2012 RCF Pastors' Conference when we'll dig into this
important experiential aspect of the Christian walk. The dates are April
17-19, 2012, and the location is the Wonderland
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The RCF Pastors' Conference is chiefly designed for the on-going education
of pastors. Our focus for the past several years has been the doctrines of
grace as they are expressed in the Savoy Declaration, the historic
confession of Congregationalists. We are convinced that if pastors are to
reinforce these truths in their congregations they must first be grounded in
them. This has always been the goal of the RCF.

But the Pastors' Conference is not just for pastors. We encourage our
colleagues to bring others in their congregation who want to delve more
deeply into biblical truths and we welcome other laity whose church or
pastor may not embrace these truths. The presentation and discussion format
of the conference provides an intimate learning environment in which
everyone is encouraged to participate.

We hope that you will join us. A brochure with a registration form is

Your fellow servants,

Paul Wanamaker & Kirk van der Swaagh

The Wonderland Conference Center offers motel style rooms. Prices below
include all meals and linens.

Double occupancy: $135/person

Single occupancy: $170/person

Day visitors: $15 usage fee; Breakfast $7; Lunch $10; Supper $14

If you know of pastors, church leaders, or others who you think would
benefit from this unique learning experience, please forward their email
addresses to [email protected]. We'll be sure to include them in
future updates.
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