2012 Reformed Conferences???

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Looking for a list of any Reformed conferences for the rest of 2012.

I've come across the RPCUS Family Bible Conference in Virginia and
the RPCNA International Conference.

We have children in their 20s looking to meet some other Reformed and
Presbyterian singles preferably in the Southeast :)

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We have not begun advertising yet, but Midlane Park in Louisville, KY, will be hosting a conference in October. It will feature three messages by Dr. Tom Nettles of Southern Baptist Seminary. The subject will be Charles Spurgeon and the Downgrade Controversy.

October 19-20, PM me for more details.


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Communion Presbyterian Church of Irvine, CA will once again be hosting the Reformation OC Conference on the last weekend of October (26-28). This year's theme will be "Election" (get it: it's an election year, AND a biblical doctrine! See what we did there?). Anyway, a list of speakers and topics will be posted to the Conference's web site, as they become available.

(there are rumors that the PB's own Rev. Danny Hyde will be speaking again this year.)


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I am planning on going to the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary Conference in Grand Rapids on August 23-25th.

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Together for the Gospel is next week (and I am planning to go to that), but I think it's too late to register for it.
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