2 Samuel 22 v1 - 'enemies and Saul' v 'enemies, and Saul'

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Reading this the occasion is either when David was delivered out of Saul's clutches (his death) and the enemies that opposed him or....

...it describes the time when David was free of foreign threats such as the Ammonites and Philistines as well as Saul being taken out of the equation.

Is it rooted in Saul's death 1 Samuel 31 or a later date when the last enemy capitulated and there was peace.

The emphasis on a specific day does not seem to correspond with any day mentioned in Samuel. Chronologically its position suggests the later date, the emphasis on one specific day suggests the earlier date.

I am wrestling with this because David either composed it pre-Bathsheeba or post-Bathsheeba. That Uriah was involved in subduing the Ammonites suggests this was before David defeated all his enemies. (unless all his enemies is intended to mean the Jewish opposition that collapsed with Saul's death)

...and it all hangs on a comma :detective:
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