1871 RPCNA Testimony On Preaching the "Gospel Offer"

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Backwoods Presbyterian

Puritanboard Amanuensis
Chapter XI

1. The Gospel is the Revelation, which God has given to man, of the plan of salvation by a Redeemer: this is glad tidings, worthy of all acceptation by sinners. (Acts 15:7).

2. Preaching the Gospel consists in the offer of salvation through Christ to sinners, accompanied with such an explanation of the various parts of God’s word as may tend to persuade men to receive Christ as Saviour, and to live and walk in him. (2 Cor 5:20, Matt 28:20, Isaiah 60:1-3).

3. The Gospel offer is not a declaration to any individual sinner, that his particular name is in the Book of Life; it is not immediately founded upon the decree of election, but upon the commandment of God, authorizing the minister of the gospel to offer Christ and all his benefits to sinners, as such however aggravated their crimes may have been, accompanied with information that every one who accepts the offer shall be saved. (Deut 29:29, Mark 16:15, Acts 2:22-23, 38-40, Mark 16:16).

4. Preaching the Gospel does not consist in promising salvation to all who hear it, or in affirming Christ has redeemed each of them; but in a free and full offer of a Saviour to every individual declaring that he who believeth shall be saved and he who believeth not shall be damned. There is no inconsistency between the doctrine of particular redemption and an unlimited Gospel offer. (John 10:15, 26, 37-38, Matt 22:4, 12, 14, John 3:36, Rev. 14:4, Mark 16:15).

5. Every assertion contained in the Gospel is true, independently of man’s works or faith, and every promise of the Gospel shall be fulfilled, because God is true. The fulfillment of the promise depends on Christ’s righteousness as the only condition, and all the blessings promised shall be distributed precisely in the order and connection in which the promises are made, to all for whom Christ suffered, and upon whom he bestows saving faith. (Psalm 33:4, Heb. 10:23, 9:15, Joshua 21:45).

We therefore condemn the following errors, and testify against all who maintain them:

1. “That the Gospel is a new and more easy Law, which, accomodated to human depravity, promises salvation, upon condition of faith and repentence, as constituting the proper title to its blessings.”

2. “That eternal life is promised to any sinner without respect to faith in Jesus Christ.”

3. “That the Gospel is not to be preached to sinners, as such”

4. “That the Gospel offer consists in declaring to sinners, that Christ has redeemed each of them in particular”

5. “That the unlimited offer of the Gospel is inconsistent with the doctrine of particular redemption.”

The Reformed Presbyterian Testimony (1871) On the Gospel Offer « Mountains and Magnolias
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