‘Pharmakeia’ in the NT Era: Exposition and Application

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Tim, a “list of sinful plants” wouldn’t be necessary, only the statement of the church that in principle hallucinogens were prohibited, and some examples could be given as a guide.

And that leaves out opium, which has been used by God's people for at least 3000 years for pain, even though it's an hallucinogen. It just doesn't pass the test of systematic thought.

To those who say there is no such thing as actual power manifested by these chaps, I will forgo answering so obvious a phenomena.

Is one single proven example too much to ask????? Back in the 70s I can remember kids at school talking about unarmed Japanese martial artists killing large numbers of US and Russian (armed) troops by running around pulling their hearts out and so forth. I can imagine 10 years before you hearing the same nonsense about yogis and gurus. But if there is no actual proof then not believing such stories isn't a lack of a healthy, Biblical faith. It's just naivete.

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Hello Ruben,

I hope we can wind this down now, as you also are of a mind to do. I think our essential point of disagreement is, as you put it, “does Scripture identify the administration or ingestion of certain substances as being intrinsically sorcerous”? You deny, I affirm. That it does not specifically identify the substances is perhaps the crux of the matter. To which I say that the principles of sorcery and the properties of said substances are clear, and are sufficient to identify substances up through the ages, while you say they are neither clear nor sufficient.

I appreciate the interaction, as it has made me think more deeply about the implications and fine points of the view I present, and also brought me to prayer to ask our Lord for wisdom and understanding.


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Thank you, Mr. Rafalsky, the interaction was profitable for me as well to gain a better handle on the matter.

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