1. C

    Teach Modern or Original to Child?

    I want to start teaching my almost-4-year-old son the Westminster Shorter Catechism. RTS has an iPhone app to learn it in 90 days. It looks great, but it seems to have modernized the test. There is another free version that looks like the original, but it doesn't have any bells and whistles...
  2. R. Scott Clark

    Office Hours: Guy Waters on NPP and Federal Vision

    Hello Office Hours listeners, Office Hours talks with Guy Waters about the New Perspectives on Paul and the Federal Vision movement. Listen to the latest episode: Subscribe to Office Hours in iTunes. Search "Office...
  3. R. Scott Clark

    Cornelius Van Til: Father, Friend, and Pastor

    Office Hours talks with L. John Van Til, nephew of Reformed apologist and theologian Cornelius Van Til about the latter's life and ministry Here are two of the volumes we discussed today: The Bookstore at WSC: Defense of the Faith by Van Til, C. The Bookstore at WSC: Cornelius Van Til...
  4. R. Scott Clark

    Calvin500: Tributes to John Calvin

    Office Hours talks Calvin500 editor David Hall about the Calvin500 series and the volume Tributes to John Calvin. You can order these volumes through The Bookstore at WSC: The Bookstore at Westminster Seminary California Here’s the volume we discussed today: The Bookstore at WSC...
  5. R. Scott Clark

    To the Church in Smyrna: The Story of Fikret Bocek

    This week Office Hours talks with Fikret Bocek, graduate of Westminster Seminary California and a Reformed church planter and pastor in Izmir (Smyrna), Turkey. In this interview, recorded last summer, just after the planting of the congregation in May, 2009, Fikret tells the story of his...
  6. johnbugay

    Michael Horton endorses Scott Hahn book on Pope Benedict

    The only reason that I can think of for his doing this is maybe to earn some "legitimacy" with Catholics when (and if) he decides to engage this work. I believe that is a dangerous course to follow, given that recent history is ladened with the dead (or zombified) bodies of Protestants who...
  7. sastark

    Iron Ink article on WSC's Evangelium

    Very interesting read, and if the author of the article is correct, then there is quite a bit wrong at WSC. Iron Ink - Some People In The URC Are Waking Up To R2Kt Danger In Their Denomination
  8. L

    Westminster Seminary California

    Two questions: 1) For those who currently attending or are now alumni: your thoughts on WSCal? 2) Any advice on how to live as a seminary student in California with the cost of living so high? Blessings, Danny