1. thbslawson

    Special Music in Worship

    Note: This is not a debate. I would like the following questions addressed according to the verse that's listed below. I have often heard it argued that the Regulative Principle of Worship precludes having choirs or soloists in corporate worship. Yet, we find in 1 Cor 14:26, "What...
  2. A

    "Speak O Lord" lyrics

    I just read the lyrics to this song, and wondered if anyone else has the same thoughts I do about them. Seems to me, singing the imperative of "Speak O Lord" is out of place for us to be telling God to speak, when he has already spoken all that is necessary for life and godliness. KEITH...
  3. Augusta

    Funny but not so funny parody of modern worship. It gave me flashbacks.

  4. Catechist

    Should the Psalter be the Only Hymnal of the Church?

    I would appreciate any critiques dealing with the substance of this article or please point me to any references to any objective comments that have already dealt with this article directly - if known. Should the Psalter be the Only Hymnal of the Church? Written by Dr Rowland S. Ward...
  5. Catechist

    Psalms Singing comments from Edward Leigh (1602-1671)

    Does anyone know who the "D. Burgess" Edward Leigh is referring to here? ~THE GORDIAN KNOT~: A SERIOUS CALL TO DEFEND THE GOSPEL--by Edward Leigh (1602-1671) When Leigh references D. Burgess on page 629 of the online book which corresponds to page 609 actually of the book itself, I wonder...
  6. Catechist

    Westminster psalm singing omissions in catechism - Why?

    Dear Brothers, I have been discussing this at Deformation or Reformation? I would like to know your thought on this here: All the ordinary duties of worship are listed in WCF Ch 21:5 which include psalm singing. The only duty not listed here is prayer, which is a special duty that...
  7. J

    Unrestricted Psalms Before Unaccompanied Psalms

    Hi all. This is my first post; good to be here, (posting from Geelong, Australia). Long story short: After coming out of the Pentecostal/Charasmatic church, I joined an exclusice psalms (e.p) church, where I was told the reasons for singing unaccompanied psalms. I thought it sounded nice...
  8. jason d

    download FREE EP w/ hymns & modern worship

    Click here to download this EP from Austin City Life Church. (listen to some samples at their MySpace). Songs are as follows: 1. In Your Name (original) 2. What Wondrous Love Is This (redone hymn) 3. Fullness Of God (original) 4. Community Song (original) 5. Lord, Have Mercy...
  9. Grillsy

    When was the Sabbath?

    Obviously the title is misleading. We know generally when the Sabbath was and is. Originally it was Saturday then moved to Sunday. But I was listening to R.J. Rushdoony talk about the Sabbath in the OT and he was contending that originally the seventh day sabbath was not on Saturday rather it...
  10. J

    What's your favorite psalm, hymn, or, spiritual song?

    What's your favorite psalm, hymn, or spiritual song to sing or listen to? Include an audio link if you can! Among many others, I am a big fan of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abgY3pKNJeQ.
  11. jbotkin

    Good Hymns on Election

    Does anyone know any good hymns on election? The only one I've seen is Josiah Conder's My Lord I Did Not Choose You. Surely there are more!? Thanks for the help!
  12. sis

    Tight jeans

    With the second-hand stores, Wal-Mart, etc, many options are available if people desire to dress nicely for worship, yet do not have much of a budget for clothing. Does it matter anymore? My pet peeve is blue jeans and knit clothing that show the entire, totally entire figure. The...
  13. T

    Why does the PCA read lots of psalms and only sing hymns?

    Maybe it's just my limited experience visiting/attending 4 different PCAs, but why do PCA churches seem to never sing psalms but use tons of them for responsive readings and other components of the liturgy. Is there any logical reason for this or is it a "we do it because that's how we do it"...
  14. A

    RPW, Water and Feast of Tabernacles again...

    What do you make of the argument below: Schwertley's use of 1 Kings 12:32-13:10 to demonstrate that all man-made holidays are wicked falls to the ground as soon as you remember that Jeroboam was king of Israel. Since Jerusalem was the only place where the people could worship God, Jeroboam...