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    Resources on Worship

    In reading Dr. Pipa's review of Frame's book "Worship in Spirit and Truth" I came across the following statement on worship from a covenantal perspective: The ideas that Pipa speaks about regarding worship in the whole of the Bible through the covenants is completely new to me. In fact...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    Resources on the Simplicity of Worship

    Anyone who reads the book of Acts will be struck with how simple that standard of apostolic worship was. The more simple the worship is, the more spiritual it will be shown to be, when persons have nothing else to cling to in it but the Word of God laid bare, in the praying, the singing, the...
  3. Travis Fentiman

    The History of Scottish Worship: Resources

    It was said of the Scottish reformers that: “The ministers that were took not their pattern from any Kirk in the world, no, not from Geneva itself; but, laying God’s Word before them, made reformation according thereunto…” John Row 1637 History of the Kirk of Scotland, p. 12 The great...
  4. Travis Fentiman

    The Benediction - Reformed Resources

    Why does the minister close the worship service with an inspired Benediction, standing with up-lifted hands facing God’s people? Here is a page of Biblical and historic, reformed resources on the Benediction, a practice not so easy to find resources on. The Benediction at ReformedBooksOnline...
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    Family Worship

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone knew any good online family worship resources. This would be for me and also would like to add to my website Family Worship page. This is what I have so far Family Worship Page - Good Tree Ministries (Bearing Good Fruit) I am always looking to add to my family...