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    Still Chewing on EP/Acapella ONLY

    PB, I have been striving over the past months to wrap my head around the EP/AO position as being required by the RPW. I am humbly chewing on this and am just looking for some answers to the questions that have arisen as I have set my mind to this topic. The majority of my strategy has been to...
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    Family Worship

    Good Day, Once my wife and I had our first daughter I began to be convicted and convinced by scripture that I needed to do family worship. This was foreign to me as I was not raised doing family worship. Currently I have a 4yr. old and an 18 month old. 18-month old is normally asleep before we...
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    Head Coverings

    Hello all. I am new to having an account with Puritan Board, but I am not new to using Puritan Board as a resource to help me wrestle with certain theological topics. Women wearing head coverings is something that I have wrestled with in the Scriptures. When I read through the text in...